QUESTION: What’s the best that could happen if the NHS volume united with the expertise of global cannabis leaders?

QUESTION: What’s the best that could happen if the NHS volume united with the expertise of global cannabis leaders?

NHS would get a more holistic view of cannabis as a medicine that applies to all humans. We all have an endocannabinoid system consisting of CB1 and CB2 receptor cells. I believe NHS needs a holistic view of cannabis which cannot be obtained by consulting with politicians and corporations alone as we learned and continue to learn here in Canada. We need involve the activists and end users in the debate especially if children are involved. Cannabis is only as “addictive and caffeine” so we would need to pull pop/soda from the shelves if we’re to save the kids from a minimal addiction similar to cannabis.

The cannabis plant has 113 phytocannabinoids that when ingested or smoked are converted to endocannabinoids that feed you endogenous cannabinoid system. My summary and long-standing opinion is cannabis is medical for all humans and non-medical legislation is based on anecdotal evidence that’s often not even peer-reviewed rather pure conjecture.

As for children, we know CBD is one of the 113 phytocannabinoids mentioned earlier, in addition, was recently reclassified by the WHO. We know children who suffer from spasms, twitches, or seizures can all be controlled by CBD alone. This improves the quality of life of children internationally. Cannabis does not discriminate its a holistic medicine that remains highly under-researched and highly over restricted for access worldwide.

Now do to lack of research were at the tip of the iceberg with respect to the research of endocannabinoids. We cannot just look at CBD and THC it’s an injustice to all the children of the world and mankind alike to not further research cannabis as a medicine for we can control nausea, induce appetite, induce sleep, and reduce anxiety using the entourage effect of all endocannabinoids.

So to answer the question for the children of the world, I would have to state all the above reasons to use cannabis would benefit children and adults alike for we all have an endogenous cannabinoid system.

In closing, I hope this online debate gets traction for we failing humanity when we fail research cannabis, over-regulation of cannabis, and most important how its medical for all even when the user is unaware.


Jason F Wilcox
Cannabis in Canada Inc

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