Toronto 420 2018

Toronto – Wednesday, February 21, 2018: A big boxing match coming up this spring will be an epic fight both inside and outside the ring.

Literally! You see, Lee Baxter Promotions is hosting Light Em Up 2 at The Danforth Music Hall on 420 (April 20, 2018) – a major boxing event that will for sure go down in the history books.

The evening’s big card will feature Canadian welterweight champion Kane Heron, who will put his title on the line against Jeff Tabrizi in an all-out-Toronto battle.

The city is already ablaze as two of its most talented fighters gear-up for the fight that’s been many years in the making. But wait, it gets way better.

The backdrop for the event represents a different kind of fight altogether. The event is also platform to “fight” and challenge the government’s legalization
of cannabis on Summer 2018.

The real stickling point many Canadians have with the legalization of cannabis is that it will be monopolized, meaning that provincial governments from coast-to-coast will be the real bread winners in the “green-rush.”

The feds stand to win big time, too. But, what about Canadian citizens? The sponsors for the event, many of which are leading cannabis companies in the
nation, are calling on Justin Trudeau’s government to re-think the whole legalization plan through more carefully.

They want a more relaxed and entrepreneurial approach with the sale and distribution of cannabis: more dispensaries and speakeasies/faith lounges,
better craft-growing-models, and decriminalization.

The sponsors are also promoting how CBD in cannabis leads to better recoveries
for people in pain and how it helps those suffering from an array of diseases and ailments of sorts. Simply put, CBD is a far better option than opioids and the slew of other addictive pharmaceutical cocktails that in fact cause more harm than good.

But will the government listen? Justin Loizos, who runs Just Compassion, a company that supplies dignified access of medicinal cannabis for qualifying patients, wants to debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the ring on fight night.

His well-known business is supporting the event. “I just want a Justin-and-Justin live debate in Toronto in the centre of the ring on 420,” he says. “I want us to go toe-to-toe and head-to-head in a verbal contest.

I am speaking from the medicinal side and I know that the government’s framework for legalization will definitely not benefit Canadians.

The government’s scheme for legalization is going to hurt so many people, especially for those who need it for medicinal reasons.

I want to debate our Prime Minister and let him know that a monopolized system is not the solution. There are better solutions and our leader needs to adopt them now.”He adds, “And when I finish the debate, I am either going to reach out with a handshake, a high-five, or give thumbs down, that’s all – let’s see how it all goes down.”

The popular list well-known sponsors include Just Compassion, Cannabis In Canada Inc., EVERLAST, HERB ANGLES, Beard Brothers Collective, EU4IA , Bransterdam, Café Nonchalant , NTRL Vodka, Hardknocks Boxing Club, A.D.A.M (Athlete Development and Management), and Grindtography.

For the second year in a row this high profile event will merge mainstream Sports and entertainment with key companies in the Cannabis Industry.

The event will highlight how the Sports World and society as a whole continues to evolve and break down barriers / taboos surrounding the Cannabis business.

This event will air on both traditional Sports television here in Canada and also will be streaming live around the World.

Vendors and exhibitors will have kiosk space at the venue to present
products, demo products, Interact and connect with patrons.

Several Cannabis activists and industry insiders will be on hand to network,
make Keynote Speeches and more

APRIL 20th, 2018

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