What you need for a basic operational Grow Tent

You’ll need your tent most tents have the option of 6’ and 12’ intake/exhaust. The most important choices would be your light. You can use high intensity discharge lamps HIDs or LEDs. Main thing is to get the right spectrum for your genotype your growing.

Your new charcoal filter/can use to control the smell. The size of the can needed is based on the math starting with cubic feet per meter (CFM) total air volume of a given tent.
Will need a fan next or exhausting the air out of the tent. Your exhaust fan is always as powerful as your intake or in a tent you need no intake fan. The exhaust fan will also be based on CFM to match with your measurements of air volume in your tent. Cans come in six-inch 12 inch 18 inch sizes thus we need be sure your fan matches your charcoal filter’s size and CFM.

You will need some ducking which also comes in 6, 12, and 18 inch sizes. But a dollar $1.50 or approx. per foot. Depending on size tent will determine the amount of ducking you will need.
Now with intake and air exhaust and smell dealt with we move on to protect the plants. Inside the tent you will need fans are “air movement” within the tent. You do not need a lot of your movement thus the size of the air movement fan once again lends the size of the tent being used. Failure air movement in any tent will result cellular failure of a plant and loss of production.

Next up will be the parts that you plan to grow or hydroponic setups you wish put in your tent. This is what’s great about being a grower is that you can choose to grow and small plants in small parts or one large one in the garbage can. For novice tent growers, I would recommend starting with pots we can better study the nutrients and how more control over mistakes and recovery of where hydroponics is also forgiving.

Next you’ll need a bail of soil $25 when you hear growers say soil it’s really soilless. It’s the same material used in hydroponics so in essence when your growing in pots with ProMix or SunShine mix you’re growing hydroponic using soilless mediums. Though it looks like dirt/soil is really a combination of various elements, molecules, and rocks no soil from the ground per say. Keep in mind in the first two weeks these bails of “soilless mix” and micro macronutrients to loss them for the first two weeks of any transplant. So remember to hold off on feeding in the first two weeks.

The next important part is to select your nutrient you plan to feed your strain of cannabis? Will use a one part or a three-part nutrient or maybe an organic tea? This will help lead depend on the methodology used in a given grow tent. Some are deepwater culture, some are air pruned pots, such as Geo Pot, others use hydroponic tables feed two waste, while others can even use recirculating hydroponics and vertical growing. The new dream you pick for your vegetative stage is very important just as your bloom formula used during flowering. Also important is to add additional sugars with the bloom enhancer optimal results. The variation of nutrients goes beyond the scope of this write up.
Some rowers like were so like use CO2 which he give you up to 30% more yield when CO2 levels are kept about 1200 ppm below 1600 ppm. Note CO2 is not required all of the crop rather an optional addition.

Finally the main thing you will need is also the cheapest item on this list you will need is $25 -$50 hemostat will save you 100 crops and 10,000 headaches. The hemostat is used to measure the relative humidity and temperature inside the tent at all times. Different growers have different ranges when growing different strains just like different growing and humidity’s. A starting range is to always keep your relative humidity between 50 and 55% inside the tent while keeping the temperature at 25°C if using CO2 you can run at 28°C with no fear stress’s on the plants.

In closing to the versatility of parents and in many configurations possible I can only give a general synopsis and list or an operable tent that will produce when done right at $.10 a gram.

Note: I will have the catalogue later this week and you wonder similar be my versatility in the tent and what will be able to offer our clients. Let me know if this is what you are looking or for a more detailed parts in pictures type thing?

Jason F Wilcox

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