grow tent canada

Grow Tents – How to grow cannabis for $.10 a gram using a tent

grow tent canada

After last weeks provocative and depressing blog on the potential future that would lend to banning of home growing in Canada.  I found it suiting to do today’s blog on grow tent, homebrewing/growing cannabis with a tent. Moreover, this is a brief overview of how to do it safely effectively and efficiently for any home cannabis user.

Gorilla Grow Tents

Today I’ll be talking about growing at home using Gorilla tents in any size. Why gorilla tents you may ask? Simply because I have tested and can attest to the smell control and stability of the tent while growing under a King LED light with a hyper fan, two small fans, carbon can, and muffler for air exchange/exhaust. This set up is not only professional, affordable, and stable in addition it is truly a tent that’s 100% smell proof as we will discuss this blog.

Growing In A Tent

Last summer had the opportunity to test the above equipment on a full crop from A to Z. I was testing its ability to maintain climate control. I was certainly watching for the most important part being smell control finally working with LED was a first for me. I was not sure what to expect I was actually preparing to deal with what I perceived as a potential nightmare. Growing under LED had been rumored to be a waste of time by other growers in the industry. Through personal research and development I found that to simply not be true.

Shot out and thank you to our friends at Green Plant Nutrients and Pacific Northwest Garden Supply a chain of hydroponic stores situated around British Columbia . Without them much of our research and content would not be possible. For blog such as this.

LED Lights For A Grow Tent

LED light for grow tent

Most important thing that matters when comparing LEDs and tents to traditional grow rooms and chambers is cost and safety. Moreover, for LED to produce a light equal to 1000 W high intensity discharge lamp (HID) has not been obtained yet. Presently our top full spectrum LED lights come in around the 400 to 420 nanometer range.

The optimal range/light spectrum for cannabis growing is between 400 and 800 nanometers. Optimal range being in the 500 to 600 nanometers which is measured via PAR. The said light spectrum is much trickier than simply PAR ratings and nanometers it goes to the test a full spectrum versus partial spectrum bulbs when talking LED technology.

Let me be clear I am not saying that LEDs have matched (HIDs) being high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs and ballasts. This blog is geared towards growing at the cheapest and easiest way possible for the end medical user. Though (HIDs) are commonly used in tents they also require additional cooling, venting, and power.

By the end of this blog you will have the basic understanding of climate control and how it applies to all lights. In fact, using an LED can force a grower to add humidity to the room rather than look to remove it as seen when using a (HID. But enough about this for now let’s get in to using the tent.


Grow Tent Fan & Cooling

Cooling Fan For Grow Tent

Once your tent is set up and structured it is very important to have your exhaust, and smell control system and configuration sorted out. As can be seen in the picture I had used a carbon filter can for the smell with a muffler attached to the top of the fan for sound control.

The fan is not your average fan rather a respected brand name Hyper Fan 1065 CFM hence the need for a muffler. Back in the day we would have to add a dimmer switch to speed up or slow down fans if the barring’s permitted the speed fluctuations.

This Hyper fan has a built-in dimmer to dial up or down the speed of the fan. This fan could easily be used to exhaust a 10 x 10 or 20 x 20’ room when operating in full capacity. Climate control is fundamental to any grow tent for the temp, air exchange, air movement, relative humidity and light holistically encompasses climate controlled growing.

To simplify this we need to break it down. First rule to growing is understanding that you get out of it what you put into it. If you buy cheap equipment don’t expect professional results. If you buy cheap nutrients don’t expect professional or clean results. If you buy cheap tent don’t expect your flowering plants to not smell up our house and/or neighbours.

Moral of the story is whenever growing in a tent or setting up a grow chamber of any size use the best equipment at the most reasonable price possible. Investing in the beginning will save you in the long run any grower will attest to this.

In the picture to the right is a $20 climate control reader known as a humidistat. They are available in almost all home hardware type stores. Often used in houses for a host of different reasons for the purpose of this article were talikng growing temp and R/H keeping your temperature around 25°C with the humidity between 50% and 60% at all times is optimal.

Note: these tem and R/H ranges fluxauate during the wintertime due to the dry air presented by the heat added to your homes and/or apartments. If you’re if you’re humidity drops too low the plants will going to protective mode due to the dry air a close up in essence stopped growing. As noted when your growing indoors your mother nature. You’re the wind, rain, sun, food, growing medium, temperature, and humidity this is the seven climate rules to groewing optimally and professionally in an indoor enviroment.

Different growers have different climate ranges do to  differing  regions and different strains respond to differing climate controls. This article is not to tell you what is right or wrong rather what works for me as a grower and what has proven successful for me based on personal research and development. This is to take nothing away from any other videos and/or information that may differentiate from the information set forth in this blog post.

In closing I think one of the most important things to note when looking at plants under LED’s is bud structure. Understanding some strains need more light than other strains simply because of their genetic profile which lends to their place of origin.  Plants grow best with HID’s when from below the 31st parallel for the sataiva dominant strains need more light spectrum.

grow tent canada

Strains from abobe the 31st parallel or Indica dominant strains will grow best under LED’s pending future LED’s that can hit the high PAR ratings applicable to meet the needs of sativa dominant strains. If you do plan on growing in your tent with LEDs and Sativa dominant strains expect the plants to elongate (stretch for the light). The cellular walls will also be weak requiring a lot more tying up of the scraggly branches. Camps in Canada in an upcoming video series release will demonstrate just how Indica varieties respond under an LED versus city of a dominant varieties. 

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  1. Jay you rock man, Id love to pick your brain and learn as much as i can from you. i want to grow this amazing plant and share it with those who need it

  2. 100% its worth it my friend and over 60,000 in Canada are permitted to grow at present under the ACMPR.

    If buying cannabis its projected to be $1 tax on the gram

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