Cannabis and Kids – Did the government’s greed go ahead of the safety of our kids

I first reported on Manitoba’s move to opt out of the cannabis act of Canada as my freshman blog on this website. Since this time, I’ve been monitoring each provincial territory in trying to figure out who will and who won’t abide by and implement the four plants per home legislation set forth in the act?

A couple months ago we seen some positive changes come from the federal government such as removing this restrictive 100 hundred centimeter height restriction for those that can grow four plants per home. Now of course this was a give-and-take coupled with a bait and switch in my own opinion. For at the same time they removed the hundred centimeter rule they also change the rules to allow license producers to sell cannabis edibles. Why would this matter you may ask? I thing is simply because I’m a father of an 18-year-old daughter raised in the home of a grower and cannabis smoker.

I’ve also written a blog to state my opinion very clear on kids and cannabis and this ridiculous stance the Canadian government is taking with respect to the fact. The one thing I do know is that as a 25 year survivor of a terminal illness while residing in the Vancouver area of British Columbia Canada. This gave me access to the best cannabis and the best infused products on the market. This in turn improved my quality of life and gave me a reliable source and a safe place to obtain it.

Back then I was an extremely ill individual I needed a steady and reliable supply of different strains and edibles including oils. Once Vancouver city put the cart before the horse and decided to ban edibles from all dispensaries and then promise them a lottery for license hustle by the city of Vancouver. Edibles no longer were available in our dispensaries.  When they banned edibles the only people they hurt was the elderly and the medical patients that otherwise can’t bake for themselves. I’ve yet to have anybody show me any statistics or single country that has a recovery house used strictly for cannabis and kids. I did find some recovery houses that use cannabis and those are for kids that are recovering from chemo therapy treatment in the implement the use of cannabis.

With no regard for the civilians of the city of Vancouver and by extension British Columbia many were thrown under the bus and told they can’t have edibles for it wasn’t safe for the kids. Nobody had died, there is no lethal that death does for cannabis, thus that leaves the federal government’s most famous statement. “The kids are going to be attracted to editable cannabis because it looks like a brownie or cookie or muffin or candy”. So fast forward to 2016

“The Liberal government’s marijuana bill has returned from a parliamentary committee with a few tweaks, including a requirement that edibles and other concentrated forms of cannabis become legal within a year of Bill C-45 becoming law.”

The only logical reason I could draw from this is greed and money while putting the safety of our kids resulting in lies forth with to the general public. The government can’t have its cake and eat it too nor can any of the LP’s. The government of Canada has claimed it was to save the kids to keep cannabis out of the hands of kids. In previous government statements edibles were extremely dangerous due to the attractiveness to kids. Whether it’s baked by a corporation or baked in my oven is still a cookie at the end of the day and table attractive for a kid if that was really a concern?

“Marijuana Edibles Pose Health Risks To Children: Federal Paper
OTTAWA — Bite-sized marijuana goodies such as candies and cookies pose “significant risks” to children who might accidentally swallow them, warns a draft federal discussion paper on pot legalization.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s chief medical officer is reiterating her support for a ban on edible marijuana baked goods and other treats as city council prepares to finalize regulations on Vancouver’s illegal pot dispensaries today.

If were so afraid for the kids why do LPs get the cell edible products? Moreover what’s changed? I figured I’d touch on this on today’s blog. The irony in all this is that the Internet records everything and the federal government can be shown for what they’ve done which is monopolize the country in the favor of profit over healthcare of end cannabis users. Presently it is only medical that is permitted to grow cannabis, and use cannabis and all of its forms. Watching the government flip-flop on the recreational users with respect to legislation. For instance giving the provinces the opt out option with respect to the four plants per home legislation and Bill C 45.

In closing if were a country of liberty and freedom than we all must ask ourselves where is it that liberty begins and freedom ends with respect to a plant granted us by nature?


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